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      “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
      — Isaiah 55:9 (NIV)
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  • Beginning September 13

    Outdoor Worship Time Changes to

    10:00 a.m.

    I need to advise that worship, for now, is going to look a bit different – all in an effort to keep EVERYONE safe!

    For our outdoor worship services, we will meet on the lawn behind the parsonage. The parsonage deck will serve as our chancel. We will be asking all who attend to wear masks, bring your own lawn chairs, your own water bottles, and umbrellas or hats to shield you from the sun. We will be practicing physical distancing which will include a ban on hugs and handshakes. (Physical distancing will be required in the parking lot, as well.) We will be asking each family to write the names of those attending worship and the date of worship on a piece of paper and simply drop it in the offering trays. This is so we have a record of who was present if one of our attendees tests positive for COVID-19.

    The church building will remain off-limits on Sundays, including the restrooms. Moreover, there will be no coffee hour or snacks for now. We will not be singing as a congregation, although we hope to provide some sort of music. Offering trays will not be passed but will be present to receive your gifts.  Holy Communion will be served “in-person” and will continue to be offered “in-home” through our online worship services the first Sunday of the month.

    Due to the limitations on what we can do “in-person,” our services will likely last approximately 30 minutes. In the case of rain, the outdoor services will be canceled. Pray for good weather.
    And remember, if you don’t feel safe coming to Asbury at this time or you don’t feel healthy, stay home and enjoy our online worship.

    I know that this sounds like many rules and regulations – but we all know that this is the world we live in for now. Rest assured that these rules will be relaxed as the danger of spreading the virus eventually goes away. But for now, we need to heed the words of John Wesley,

    “Do no harm. Do good. And stay in love with God.”

    Welcome Back!

    Pastor Will

  • Welcome to Asbury United Methodist Church!

    Reaching Out—Helping Others during these COVID-19 times! Calling a friend, picking up groceries for a neighbor, sending a card, Zooming and Face Timing loved ones, sending financial support or goods to our local pantries and other organizations that reach out to our community are all things our Asbury members are experiencing in Safer-at-Home outreach. Linda Sailing, Jan Diers, Pat Spors and others have sewn and donated masks! Linda has sewn 138! Here are patterns:



    https://static1.squarespace.com/static/50757389e4b01e64d214325b/t/5e8bceff619fd83f 67553725/1586220802992/Olson+Face+Mask+Pattern+Childrens+Sizes.pdf


    HELP WANTED!! At some point in the near future, we will all meet again at Asbury UMC as a congregation for worship.  At that time, we will want all to have a personal protection mask. That means doing what we do best . . . working together to get the job done. If you can sew, please consider volunteering your time to make masks in your home. If you have 100% cotton fabric or 1/4" elastic you could donate, please do so. Contact person for this mask making is Linda Sailing. Thank you and stay safe