September Pastor’s Pondering

We have already heard God begin the conversation with us.

You may recall that we proposed two different building options.  Option 1 was the elevator project with an enclosed vestibule and a lighted portico and many necessary upgrades.  Option 2 included a new fellowship hall, kitchen, restrooms and office all located behind the church on the main level.  We cannot deny that many preferred Option 2, but with a projected cost over $1.7 million, we have heard God clearly say, “Option 1, estimated at $678,958, is much more realistic!”  (Estimates reflect current price increases due to tariffs, the Foxconn project, and other factors.)

What will God tell us as we seek pledges over the next few months?

My prayer is that God will move us to accept this challenge for the life and growth of Asbury Church in this community.  My prayer is that we share in the vision of a facility available and accessible to all whom it serves.  My prayer is that Asbury will “Welcome All, Serve All, and Bless All in Jesus’ Name!”

Please spend much time in prayer concerning these long overdue upgrades to our church, listening to God speak to you about your important part in bringing this vision to reality for the mission and ministry of Asbury UMC!  God is speaking.  Are we listening?


Pastor Will

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