September Pastor’s Pondering

Sometimes, we might feel like the prophet Elijah, standing alone on a mountain of trouble, looking for God.  And with all the challenges before us these days, it might feel like our mountain is being torn apart by wind, earthquakes, and fire making it especially difficult to hear the voice of God through all the chaos and noise.

That is when we need to listen closely – listen to that which speaks to us in the silence.  For God came to Elijah in a gentle whisper.  The voice of God was not like the other sounds which caused him such anxiety.  The voice of God was a calming whisper which brought peace and comfort to this troubled man.

That voice of God is still found in a gentle whisper.  It is found in the balmy breeze blowing through pine trees.  It is found in the gently flowing water of a pristine stream.  It is found in the delicate chirp of a tiny songbird.

Anxiety and stress are at very high levels for many people these days – and understandably so.  We need the peace and comfort that only God can provide.  God still provides it.  We simply must look and listen in the right places.

May you discover the voice of God speaking gently to you, bringing peace and comfort to your soul.  Remember, God is always near!


Pastor Will

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