3-17-19 “Passports To Heaven”

Sermon written by Pastor Will and delivered by Peggy Eggen:

Paul writes that “our citizenship is in heaven.”  How might we bring a bit of heaven to our world?  And why is it important that we even try?

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3-10-19 Pastor Will’s Thoughts on General Conference

3-10-19 “Trials and Trophies”

God saves us in times of great hardships and takes us to the Promised Land much like the people of ancient Israel.  It’s important to remember our story and re-tell it!  What personal trials has God helped you overcome?  Do people know your story?

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3-3-19 “Shine Jesus Shine”

Peggy Eggen delivers the message

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2-24-19 “And Now the Tough One – Love Your Enemies”

Jesus tells us to Love God, Love our Neighbors, and Love our Enemies.  How might we carry out this seemingly impossible mandate in an unjust and sinful world?

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2-17-19 “Blessings and Woes: In Whom Do We Trust?”

Our Bibles instruct us time and again to place our trust in God and have faith in Jesus Christ.  Life looks different when we trust in God.  Learn how a Christ-Centered life changes us and changes our world.

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2-10-19 “God Is Calling Who??”

God can, and will, call just about anyone to do the work of Kingdom Building.  We shall visit three unlikely candidates who receive the call and learn how they react.

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2-3-19 “Today’s Prophet”

As in the case of Jeremiah, God calls us to be prophets – to speak truth to the people.  But what shall we say?  “Truth” is challenged daily by many.  We will look to the “Love Chapter” to find some sound advice on how to be prophetic.

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1-27-19 “Good News for a World in Need”

Too often we take a dark and burdonsome approach toward our faith.  We become trapped in “The Law” and its demands.  This quickly seems overwhelming – even impossible – and we feel driven to feel like we’ve failed.  But Nehemiah and Jesus paint a different picture of faith in God.  Come and discover the beauty of the picture they paint.  Come and be set free!

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