October Pastor’s Pondering

But October is BIG because during this month, we will take that next step in discerning the will of God for Asbury’s ministries and Asbury’s facility moving forward.  It is stewardship time; that time of year when each of us review the vision and mission for ministries engaged in by our church and gauge our commitment to those ministries for the year(s) to come.

Quality ministry requires all hands pulling in the same direction.  It requires each of our efforts through the giving of our time, our talents, and our gifts.  Is your commitment as strong as it can be?  As it should be?

Jesus asked the very most of his disciples.  He asked each of them for everything they had.  He asked them to go places they didn’t want to go; help people they didn’t want to help; risk things they didn’t want to risk.  He asked for EVERYTHING!  And he did not apologize for asking because the vision and mission REALLY mattered.  It mattered MOST.  And it REALLY matters MOST today!

We seek to bring people closer to God and closer to one another.  We seek to help those in distress, regardless as to the cause of the distress.  We seek to proclaim and promote the message of God’s love for all of creation and live out that message through acts of care, forgiveness, hope and second chances!

Does this sound like something the world needs today?  Does this sound like a vision and mission that unites, heals, offers peace and justice to a hurting and often unfair world?  Does this sound like something of which you want to be a part?  I hope so, because it is to this, that Jesus call you!

Let’s ALL step up our COMMITMENTLet’s all become the disciples that Jesus calls us to be!  The world needs to see the ways of Jesus carried out daily and Asbury Church needs to be a strong, Spirit-filled place calling everyone to resurrection and new hope and new life!

Again, I ask, “Is your commitment – your ‘pledge to do’ – as strong as it can and should be?”  Now is the time to step it up!

Great things are happening at Asbury Church!

Pastor Will

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