November Pastor’s Pondering

But I must state, that while Christmas is the indisputable “biggie,” Thanksgiving may be my secret favorite.  (Secret no longer!)  It has always been for me, a bit lower key, more relaxing, and an opportunity to cook and then fill my tummy with some of the best tastes of the year!  It is often a time of close family gatherings, great conversation, and always, a fun day full of laughter.  When I take the time and reflect upon it, I can better grasp all the blessings which God continually places before me – all things for which I should ALWAYS give thanks.

But you know what; I don’t always take that time to give thanks like I should.  I too often take life for granted.  I too often dwell on things that I see as problems; things that can bring me down emotionally or physically.  I too often find myself praying about concerns more than offering thanks for the joys which God brings.

It shouldn’t be that way because God is good, and good is what God wants for each of us.

At the top of my office desk calendar I have written above the words “November 2018” the phrase “Thanks for Our Church.”  That is a reminder for me that we plan to take a bit of time on Sunday mornings throughout the month of November to publicly thanks those many folks of Asbury Church and our greater Christian church who have contributed to the blessings we experience in our lives of faith.

I invite each of you, to spend a moment – maybe even each day this month – to pray a prayer of Thanksgiving for individuals you have known or know today, who have blessed you because of their presence and activity in the faith.  Might that be a grandparent, parent, or another who brought you to church/Sunday School as a child?  Might this be someone who gave you love, compassion, and/or care when you needed some support in your life?  Might this be someone who challenged you to get involved in some aspect of ministry which has been meaningful to you?

St. Paul begins many of his letters with the word “eucharistow” – “I give thanks . . .”

What are you thankful for?  Think about it – and give thanks!


Pastor Will

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