Mission Trips

Groups are periodically formed to work in a specific area helping out with projects.  From 2015 – 2017 the Youth Group worked in Rock County, Wisconsin on various projects while growing in faith together.  

The Adult Group  has helped in UMCOR’s work with  Hurricane Sandy clean-up in 2013.  In 2014, they went to the towns of Brookport and Unionville in southern Illinois which received great devastation from tornadoes in November.  In 2016, they worked in Milwaukee helping out with repairs in a church and parsonage.

2017 found the group in Chatham, IL volunteering at the Midwest Distribution Center fixing sewing machines, bicycles, preparing clean-up buckets, sorting supplies and helping where they were needed. Here are some of the recent group that worked at the distribution center:

19366395_124881711432786_1898096101992334169_n (2)

Contact the church for additional information on future mission trips.

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