March Pastor’s Pondering

Lent is a special time in the life of the church.  It is a time of reflection upon our personal and communal life of faith; a time when we contemplate just what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  It is also a time to revisit our Lord’s love for us; his willing sacrifice on our behalf, and the forgiveness he offered even as he hung upon his cross.  It is a time to place ourselves in Christ’s passion story; a time to experience what it was like to have “been there” listening, watching – taking it all in.

Lent is also a season to seek spiritual balance in our lives; a balance which is especially evident in the difference of “tone” experienced in our Wednesday night Lenten services, compared to our Sunday morning worship gatherings.  Did you realize that the 40 days of Lent – Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday (the day before Easter) – do not include Sundays?  This is because Sundays are set aside on the Christian calendar as “little Easters” which celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection.  As the United Methodist Book of Worship puts it, “[On Sundays] the penitential spirit of Lent should be tempered with joyful expectation of the Resurrection.”

So, the balance we seek during Lent is a balance between the gravity of Jesus’ suffering and death and the joyful celebration of his victory over the same, through his Resurrection on Easter morning.  For those who attend both our Wednesday night Lenten services and our Sunday morning worship opportunities, both ends of the emotional spectrum are experienced.  I do believe the joy of discovering the empty Easter tomb is better understood when experienced from the darkness of the Cross of Christ.

Please join us on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings to get the full experience of not only the season of Lent, but also the depth of love found in Jesus Christ for his Heavenly Father and for each of us.

See you in church!

Pastor Will

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