July Pastor’s Pondering

Our heritage is important.  The people who forged the way decades or centuries before us provide the shoulders on which we stand today.  They provided the foundation on which we build.  I find this reality all the more relevant this particular year as we celebrate Asbury’s 60th Anniversary.

Whether history is ancient, dating back to Biblical times, or more recent such as that of Asbury Church, we all need to take some time to reflect upon and celebrate the many lives that touched one another with support, encouragement, challenge, and yes – love.  We must all learn from the wisdom of those who made difficult and even sacrificial choices (such as those who stood against prejudice, racial and economic injustice and hate) as well as those who chose paths unwisely, and thus, left a blemish on our history (such as those who actively supported or turned their heads when Native Americans were displaced or when genocide occurred in foreign lands.)  Our history is continuously teaching us how to live today!  We simply must look back and learn.

What might be the lessons learned from those who have founded and formed Asbury UMC over the past 60 years?  Well, as I finish my fourth year of ministry among you and look forward to what I hope is many more to come, I have learned what it means to be part of what is truly a “church family” – a family of love, respect, care, and compassion.  The lessons offered by each of you, contribute to the creation of a caring church, a stronger community, and a more compassionate world.

May God Bless Asbury Church at 60 years!

Pastor Will

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