January Pastor’s Pondering

As I write this column, the big news is the nationwide distribution of the much-anticipated COVID-19 vaccine.  This is the new life we have waited for at times patiently, and at other times quite impatiently.  We should all take a moment and offer up our thankful prayers to our God who saves us yet again!

For the first time in the better part of a year we can seriously begin – begin – to think of days ahead when we can gather safely in the Asbury sanctuary and sing and pray and preach and celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion IN- PERSON!  There is indeed a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

While health care experts warn us not to let our guard down just yet (and I, for one, will continue to closely heed their recommendations), I cannot be anything but joyful at the prospect of opening our doors in the future.  New life for our churches is on the horizon.  Now is the time for us to begin planning and planting.

This is the wonderful thing about our God.  God continues to save God’s people!  Jesus Christ continues to heal the world.  The Holy Spirit continues to spark the faith within us, keeping us strong and faithful even through the darkest hours.  The Church has been through trial after trial over the many centuries.  It has seen famine and plague, persecution and oppression, sin and evil from outside and from within.

Yet good overpowers evil.  Love prevails over hate.  Light overcomes darkness.  Life defeats death.

May we all “live a new life” in 2021.  And may “new life” bring us renewed joy in Jesus Christ and in one another.

Blessings be upon new beginnings!

Pastor Will

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