January Pastor’s Pondering

We had some very memorable moments in 2018, a highlight of which was our 60th Anniversary Potluck Picnic on August 12th with a wonderful worship service, a delightful meal, and music on the parsonage deck!  I personally, had the privilege of recreating the 19th century Methodist Circuit Rider out upon our prairie.  We offered a fun and educational Vacation Bible School with hands-on learning opportunities for kids and adults as we turned the clock back even further to the days of the Wesley’s and, of course, for some of us, there was the Wesley Tour of England and Scotland.  Indeed, 2018 was a grand year for the Asbury Church Family!

As I look forward to 2019, I am excited for the life of our church!  Asbury is on solid ground because Jesus Christ is central to all we set out to do.  We have a vision of what the Kingdom of God should look like; and that vision focuses on God’s love, God’s forgiveness, God’s second chances – all because of Jesus Christ.  For me, it is exciting to come to “work” each day, and witness our people caring for one another, sharing our love for one another, reaching out in support and encouragement just like Jesus did!  We are doing our best, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to bring people closer to Christ in faith by doing; by sharing; by living out the stories of Jesus in our day to day world.

That, my friends, is discipleship!  Living out the stories of Jesus in our day to day world!

What will 2019 bring us?  What will we offer to one another, our community, our world, in Christian fellowship and care?  Will our greater United Methodist Church focus on unity amidst diversity?  We have so much to pray for and so much to offer!

Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus – and do what he did – teach what he taught – love as he loved.  If we make this our vision and goal, 2019 will be yet another year of celebrations for the folks who make Asbury Church an important part of their lives!

Blessings in the New Year before us,

Pastor Will

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