January Pastor’s Pondering

It is appropriate that the new year is often represented by the symbol of a new-born baby – knowing that we have only recently received again, God’s gift of the new-born baby Jesus.  For in that baby, a “fresh start” is what is offered to us every day.  In Christ’s love, we find forgiveness of sins of our past, mercy which takes the form of deep compassion for all, and grace which blesses us with total absolution and yet another opportunity at a second chance in life.

Forgiveness and second chances are what Jesus Christ is all about!  He’s about providing a place – his cross – where we can go to release that which troubles us and find the grace that grants us a new beginning.  He’s about accepting us as we are and loving us unconditionally and faithfully.

As we enter 2020, let’s do so with a 20/20 focus on the central message of our faith – that in Jesus Christ there is always hope, always love, and always forgiveness.  May we enter the new year with a rededication to our Lord and Savior, living each day in service to God.

The new year is upon us!  Great blessings await us!  Let’s begin 2020 by embracing these blessings and walking in the way of Jesus Christ!

I’ll be seeing you on Sunday!

Pastor Will

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