December Pastor’s Pondering

They remind us that one thing remains a constant in this ever-changing world – and that constant is Jesus Christ.  He is there for us, born into our hearts once again.  With the babe, we find Hope, Peace, Joy and Love; four Blessings of Faith which we celebrate as we light our candles upon our Advent wreath.

The pandemic has scarred the world with a deep fear of sickness and death.  Yet even as we daily face this stark reality, we as people of faith still find hope for the future, peace for our souls, joy in our living, and love for our hearts – all because God is with us, in that little baby born in a manger so long ago.

With Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, we can heed the words of the angel, “Fear Not!”  But instead face the world with confidence that Good shall overcome Evil, that Light shall overcome Darkness, that Life shall overcome Death.

My prayer is that throughout the season of Advent and into the days of Christmas, we cherish the Good News that the angel shared with the shepherds – God is with us – and that is all we really need!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Will

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