August Pastor’s Pondering

“Memories” – Looking back is always fun!  (Well, at least, much of the time.)  I have enjoyed reading about the origins of our congregation and its development throughout the years.  It is an honor to serve as your Pastor, following 18 Senior, Associate, and/or Student Pastors who brought their passion for Jesus Christ to this congregation!  Reading the stories of Asbury growing to as many as 573 members in 1976 with an over-flowing Sunday School department makes me proud of our heritage and makes me want to share the Good News even more today!  Obviously, many families felt Asbury had something IMPORTANT to offer back then – I believe we still do!!  The Gospel of Jesus Christ never becomes obsolete!

“Ministry” – So, this is why we engage in multiple forms of ministry today.  Because ministry matters in people’s day to day lives.  Whether it is through Children and Youth opportunities such as Sunday School, VBS, Youth United or even our Sunday Children’s Messages – or Adult ministries such as Bible Studies, Adult Sunday School, Quilter’s Club, and our Men’s and Women’s Fellowship Group – there are ministries available that contribute to a healthy, wholistic life for Asbury attendees.

And to this end, we offer ministries into our community and beyond through Meals on Wheels, support of Men’s, Women’s, and Family Shelters, ECHO Food Pantry, Acts of Kindness, the Janesville Church/School Partnership Program, Memory Café, You Are Not Alone, Narcotics Anonymous, VIM and UMCOR (the list goes on and on) – all with the objective of reaching out to people in need in the very example we see in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

“Mission” – Our mission statement is to “Share God’s Love – Grow in Faith – and Serve Our Communities.”  We feel that our mission walks hand in hand with the mission Jesus gave the greater church in what is known as “The Great Commission”:  to “go and make disciples of all nations . . .”  We believe that disciples shall be made if the love of God is shared through an environment of welcome, support, encouragement, and acceptance in the example that Jesus Christ brought to this world.

Join us for an exciting August as we Celebrate 60 Years and chart our path for many years to come offering faithful service to Jesus Christ and the United Methodist Church!

May God Bless Asbury Church at 60 Years!

Pastor Will

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