August Pastor’s Pondering

Translation changes things up a bit. This strategy “modifies worship rituals and space to fit onto a limited screen.” It maintains many of the worship elements found in a traditional service – elements such as prayer, preaching, music, Scripture reading, etc. This is clearly what we are doing at Asbury right now.

Transforming changes things up even more. This strategy often abandons the sanctuary setting and the traditional elements of worship and offers more of a “fireside chat” experience. It is almost always “live” via ZOOM, Facetime, or some other social media that enables real-time interaction between the pastor and the parishioners.
All strategies have their upsides and downsides. There is not one “correct” way to do online worship. However, the article asked an important question which all churches must ask of their online experience. Are we meeting your needs? Are we helping you grow Spiritually through our online efforts?

This is a most important question, because, (A) meeting Spiritual needs and providing Spiritual growth is a critical role of quality worship and (B) because online worship is almost certainly here to stay and is becoming the primary means of evangelism today. We have the potential through our online efforts to reach people who were seemingly unreachable only a few years ago. Online worship must be Spiritually effective now more than ever.

So, I need to know your honest assessment. Are we meeting your needs? What might we do to make the online experience better? What might we be missing?
Please drop me a line and let me know. Email me at or phone or text me at 920-960-0678.

Ministry takes all of us working together to reach out in a meaningful and effective way that brings people closer to God and more connected with one another – all through the power of Christ’s command – “Love one another!”

Pastor Will

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