April Pastor’s Pondering

And while, outside, the snow is melting, it is still feeling like winter in our little corner of the world.

But with a turn of the calendar, I am reminded that hope is just around the corner.  I can see, shining across the troubled horizon, a redeeming light.  I am reminded that Resurrection is coming yet again and new hope, new life, new beginnings await us – and with them comes the warmth and love and guiding light of Easter – that time of joyful proclamation, great celebration, and life transformation!  For the cross will be bare, the tomb will be found empty, and Jesus will be seen arisen, and filled with life!

Each of us, at the very core of our faith, need to hold on to the Easter Promise!  We need to embrace the love that God has shown in the raising of God’s one and only Son, Jesus our Lord!  For there is nothing that can raise our spirits – our hopes – more that knowing that God raised Jesus from the dead on Easter morning and likewise will raise us from our deaths and all which can get us down!

As we end the Season of Lent by moving into Passion Week and finally celebrating Easter, my prayer for each of you is that you can join me in taking our worries, our troubles, our sins to the cross and leave them upon it – leave them behind us – and experience Christ’s forgiveness, love and grace.  This is indeed a special season for the Children of God to grow closer to Jesus Christ – an opportunity to rediscover (or possibly discover for the first time) the love that God has for you.

I hope you will frequent Asbury Church as often as possible during this most holy of seasons!  The message is Love, Forgiveness, Redemption, and Grace!  And it’s all meant for you!

May God Bless You as you experience all that God lovingly offers for you!


Pastor Will

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