5-3-20 “House Churches – Then and Now”

Acts 2: 42-47                John 10: 1-10

4 thoughts on “5-3-20 “House Churches – Then and Now”

  1. Pat Spors says:

    Very nice service. In home worship reminds me of our Lenten services at home when I was younger. Each of us would have a part reading the devotional and sharing a prayer. I would play as we sang hymns around the piano. I was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home and worshiping with our church family every Sunday. May we all be united in Christ’s Love as we worship Him in our own way each day.

    • Judy CULB says:

      I loved seeing the choir and our Praise Band and Pastor Will, Carolyn and Connie with their instruments. Just seeing everyone as though we were all together in the sanctuary made it such a warm, wonderful time, even online. You and your family are so talented in the music arena, Pat, and blessed you are. We so enjoy seeing you in the service of the Lord at Asbury. Missing everyone, but maybe soon we can all be together again under Asbury’s roof. God bless you and your family.

  2. Ronda cass says:

    Beautiful service this morning..feels so good to worship and to see my church family and of coarse our beloved pastor…be safe everybody be thankful and kind…till we all meet again-wade and Ronda cass

  3. Pastor Steve Scott says:

    Blessings to you Pastor Will, to Diana and your family, and to the blessed congregation at Janesville Asbury. Peace to you all!

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