5-24-20 “Christ Has Died! Christ Is Risen! Christ Will Come Again!”

Acts 1:  6-14    1 Peter 4:  12-14,  5: 6-11

4 thoughts on “5-24-20 “Christ Has Died! Christ Is Risen! Christ Will Come Again!”

  1. Linda Sailing says:

    Thank you for the heart warming memorial tribute and a message to keep us thinking and doing.

  2. Pat Spors says:

    The playing of taps was a beautiful tribute for this Memorial Weekend. We gather in spirit but look forward to joining together in His name.

  3. Beverly Jansky says:

    Your sermon was an inspiration, and was so glad to enjoy, God bless your whole family and stay safe. tell everyone I said stay safe and miss ya all.

  4. Diane Bundy says:

    Thank you Pastor Will. As always we enjoy your sermons. The playing of Taps was very special as was the anthem by the Choir. We miss everyone and look forward to the time when we can meet again in person. Until then, God bless you and your family and our church and church family.

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