5-17-20 “I Chose You!”

1 Peter 3: 13-22               John 14: 15-21

4 thoughts on “5-17-20 “I Chose You!”

  1. Bonnie & John says:

    Hope and sweetness through the internet ❤️Thank you very much Pastor Will and all of the singers and musicians today. A little booster shot was just what we needed.

  2. Nonie Reed says:

    Thanking God and Pastor Will for the Sunday church services. We sure enjoy them and know how much work goes into doing this for us. Thank you from Nonie and Skip Reed.

  3. Pam Haas says:

    Great message and please tell the girls I enjoyed their music from home!

  4. JEffrey Quaerna says:

    Diddo! Good job young ladies

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