May Pastor’s Pondering

While there will be only 16 Asbury members and friends making the great journey, there is absolutely no reason why the rest of the church can’t participate.   We will do our best to keep everyone involved with photos sent back to the church for use in the pre-church “Gathering Time” on Sunday May 20th and 27th.

Our journey will take us to historic sites in London, Dover, Oxford, Bristol, Plymouth, Lincoln, Epworth, York, Edinburgh and more!  We will visit castles and cathedrals as well as many sites where John and Charles Wesley once stood and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who would listen.

In preparation for this trip, I have been reading and re-reading several Wesley biographies, some I hadn’t read since my seminary days long ago.  I am still amazed at the Wesley brothers’ unparalleled devotion to their ministries.  John was said to have traveled over 250,000 miles across Britain, mainly on horseback during his incredible career and preached over 40,000 sermons – often outside the church in “open-air” venues attracting thousands of folks – some believers – some detractors – some welcoming he and his message while others seeking to run him out of town!  On several occasions, John had things thrown at him while he preached.  If fact, he had been pelted with rocks more than once and had to be quickly carried off to safety several times when crowds got out of control.  Yet, in John Wesley’s opinion, the Gospel had to be preached and since, he believed that “the world is my parish,” he would preach it anywhere and everywhere, as often as he could.

So, watch for updates as we travel!  And pray for our safety in doing so!  This is a wonderful opportunity to grow as a family as we experience our Methodist heritage!

May God Continue to Bless Asbury UMC!


Pastor Will

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