April Pastors Pondering

Yet as difficult to understand as resurrection may be, it is the truth – the promise – that is the center of our faith.  Resurrection is the climax of our story.  It is the hope in which we place our trust.

Christianity offers an important moral philosophy to live by – that is the teaching to “love one another.”  But it goes further than that.  Christianity offers a message of new life today and eternal life tomorrow.  It provides an assurance that the life that we live has an important eternal dimension.

I cannot imagine facing death without the promise of resurrection!  Without resurrection, death would be terrifying.  While I have no “death wish,” I do live in excited anticipation of what our eternal destination with be like.  I do think about heaven and living in the presence of our Lord – and I am quite certain that it’s going to be GREAT!  Reunion with our lost loved ones, in a place of no hurt, no ill-will, no sin or evil, but instead in the very loving presence of our God promises to be beyond our greatest imagination!

Give thanks during this Easter Season for the gift of life!  Give thanks for the hope in which we live today and shall live tomorrow!  For God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and promises the same for all who will simply believe the unbelievable!

Once again – Happy Easter!

Pastor Will

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