2-7-21 “How Great Is Our God?”

Psalm 147:  1-11, 20c

7 thoughts on “2-7-21 “How Great Is Our God?”

  1. Lila Thayer says:

    I think the services our very well done and meaningful. I look forward to them every Sunday. Thank you.

    • Peggy Eggen says:

      Thank you Pastor Will for the wonderful messages you bring every Sunday morning. We look forward to them each week. I’m glad you start with the lighting of the candles; it prepares us for the service. You do a great job Pastor Will, Thank you so much. Hans and Peggy Eggen

  2. Bill and Barb says:

    It was a great service, as usual. We are so thankful for the on line service. Thanks Will. Make it a great week

  3. nonie Reed says:

    We feel sooooo blessed to have Pastor Will’s messages each Sunday. Praise him and praise our Lord.

  4. Pat Spors says:

    Halleluiah! Thank you for your words of inspiration. I accept the challenge to Praise My Lord daily.

  5. Judy A Culb says:

    Thank you Pastor Will and all the church staff who have been instrumental in keeping us lifted as we face the challenges out there today. Prayers to God have been answered in many ways, starting with the sunshine in the start of day and all the events of the day. We know there will be a final reward for those of us who will meet our loved ones again. God has that covered for us, we pray that it can happen for all of us. We miss our faith family and look forward to the day when we can all meet once again in fellowship and worship.

  6. Vi Deremer says:

    So good to hear your voice. Thanks to the AV team Carolyn blessings to you Pastor!!!

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