2-14-21 “Ascending Toward God”

Mark 9:  2-9

5 thoughts on “2-14-21 “Ascending Toward God”

  1. Barb R Doubleday says:

    It is so good to see 4 of our special friends today. So glad you are all healthy. Happy Valentine’s day to you all

  2. VI deremer says:

    Another uplifting message. Loved the music and graphics. Thank you Pastor Will!!

  3. Ginny Scarborough says:

    Thank you to Pastor Will and all who make the online services possible. Thanks for explaining Moses and Elijah’s presence at the transfiguration of Jesus,Pastor Will. It was enlightening! I enjoyed the lovely duet by Pat and Mike Spors. I really enjoy the online services, as i can no longer attend church in person. I hope they continue after “NORMALCY” returns. Ginny Scarborough

  4. Pat Spors says:

    Looking forward to the Lenten services. Thank you for another enlightening service. The Messianic Secret was interesting.

  5. Judy Culb says:

    Looking forward to Wednesday night Lenten Service online. Thank you Pastor Will and all who provide their time towards these online services. We appreciate you so very much.

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